"Uncertainty has been a constant companion of mine. I've decided that I'd rather live my truth, and possibly fail horribly, than be someone else and disappear."

-Alexandra Hemrick for Inbtwn Magazine



Forthcoming    DEAR Artists Residency (November) and Stay Home Gallery Residency (2022)

2020                  "Garden of Earthly Delights' with Elizabeth Porcel at Poem 88

2020                  Summer Invitational MINT Gallery

2019                  ‘Be. Long. Ing.’ I Like Your Work Podcast Online Juried Exhibition

2019                  Rockwall Gallery, Wedgewood-Houston Art Crawl, Nashville, TN

2019                  Hambidge Auction, $100 Works Section

2019                  InstaShow, Spruill Gallery, Dunwoody GA

2019                  Postcard Pinup, MINT Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2019                  Cheap, Cheap Art Fair, Live painting & Display of Work, The Mast, Atlanta, GA

2019                  Dead Ringer 3, Future Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2019                  Flat File, The Mast, Atlanta, GA

2019                  GIFC Velvet Ropes, Galleri Golsa, Oslo, Norway

2018                  Mail Art Biennial, Ground Floor BK, Brooklyn, NY

2019                  IMPRINTS, Art Center, Sarasota, FL

2019                  GIFC, Elephant Gallery, Nashville, TN

2019                  Speak Muse, In Passing NYC, NY

2019                  GIFC, The Hole, NYC

2019                  Looks Good on Paper, Spruill Gallery, Dunwoody, GA

2019                  EngageMINT Auction, Hathaway Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2019                  Small Works Show, Lemonade Stand Gallery, Key West

2019                  ‘EVERYTHING | NOTHING,’ Outdoor Installation, Salon Suburbia, Dunwoody, GA


2018                  Postcard Pinup, MINT Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2018                  Salon Suburbia, Dunwoody, GA

2018                  Chalk Mural for Trees Atlanta, Audubon Society @ Piedmont Park

2018                  Activating the Apparatus, StrangeMatter ATL, Atlanta, GA




2019-2020    Round 2, Year-Long Therapeutic Artist Residency Group (TAR GROUP), Atlanta, GA



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October 19 2019           “The Well of Memory by Scott Silvey” Salon Suburbia, Dunwoody, GA

April 2019                      “EVERYTHING | NOTHING” Salon Suburbia, Dunwoody, GA.

November 2018            “Salon Suburbia”


My work is defined by its use of the often mundane visual language of nature, the suburbs, and domestic life which become exaggerated and exalted through a moralistic surrealism, as well as through starkly contrasted colors in order to transcend their perceived lowly status, becoming meaningful symbols. Inspired by the relentless, and sometimes needless landscaping of the suburbs, as well as clear cutting for development, I collect these images first in photographs, and in my mind before transforming them through the lens of my artist eye which highlights and distorts that which is felt and must be seen and heard. The tangible part of my process begins with sketches first, then into paintings, and finally into objects that transcend the flat plane. As humans have historically tried to control nature for their ends, so too has the patriarchy with systems rooted in white supremacy used its power and privilege to wield control over society. Symbols such as a common garden trellis take on new meaning where growth is allowed, but only where you want it, and only so high. 


Alexandra Hemrick is a visual artist, and curator of ongoing project, "Salon Suburbia," in Dunwoody, Georgia.